Manufacturers Website Links

KV logo     Kennedy (VA) – Full line of American made hydrants and valves meeting AWWA specifications with over 100 years experience, featuring the K81D Guardian Fire Hydrant specified in approximately 95% of our Virginia/DC Market.

m&h logo     M&H (VA) – American manufacturer providing a full line of valves and hydrants meeting AWWA specifications. –  Virtual territory wide acceptance of M&H AWWA Butterfly Valves.

Oldcastle logo  Oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions (VA, MD, DE, WV + DC) – Manufactures meter boxes and vaults in heavy wall HDPE, Polymer Concrete and composite materials in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and tier ratings.

Diamond logo  Diamond Plastics (VA, MD, DE, Panhandle of WV, DC)- One of the world’s largest PVC pipe producers offers standard water and sewer pipe along with Open and Closed Wall Profile Pipe and C900/C905 Internal Restrained Joint PVC Pipe Diamond Lok-21. Diamond Plastics is the only PVC Pipe manufacturing 54″ and 60″ pipe, in both Solid Wall PVC sewer pipe and PVC Pressure Pipe.

Multi Fittings logo       Multi Fittings (VA, MD, DE, Panhandle of WV, DC) – PVC gasketed fittings for water and sewer applications offering a large selection of fabricated and molded fittings. Now producing C907 Molded Blue Brute Pressure Fittings in sizes up to 12″.

adaptor logo     Adaptor (VA, MD, DE, WV, DC) – Valve Box Adaptor centers and stabilizes the valve box over the operating nut eliminating problems such as improper keying due to settling and shifting.

TEAM logo    TEAM (VA, MD, DC) – Without a standard for this type valve, InsertValve is as true to the C515 RW specification as possible.  Installs without a shutdown and uniquely seats on the clean surface valve body and not the pipe bottom.  Ductile iron body and same amount of turns as standard valves.

raci logo     Raci (VA, MD, DE, WV, DC) – HDPE injection molded spacers with no metal parts providing a constant projection around the entire circumference of the carrier pipe.  As many “runners” as the diameter of pipe.

Ladtech logo     Ladtech (VA, MD, DE, DC, WV) – HDPE Manhole Adjusting Grade Rings, Light-weight, water-tight seal and tested to HS25 load rating.

lansas logo    Lansas (VA, MD, DE, WV, DC) – Offers a complete line of testing equipment and test plugs in both single size and multi size options.

Rhino logo    Rhino (VA, MD, DE, WV, DC) – Featuring the Tri-View Marker System providing 360 degree visibility. Many other markers and protections systems available.

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